Reading to kids stories about sewing

Reading to kids stories about sewing is more than just needle and thread.

I still read bedtime stories to my kids, they share a bedroom so sometimes the books we read start with board books and end with a few pages of Harry Potter. I love books and the library, while I no longer horde books like I horde fabrics, books give me a comfort and soothing similar to sewing. I wanted to share some of my love of sewing with my children at bedtime, I found an extra bonus because some of the books gave us some history or dealt with overcoming fears. Continue reading “Reading to kids stories about sewing”

Halloween: Sewing Tips and Tricks

No one will know your sewing secrets unless you tell them.  I have been making costumes for a while now, it’s how I got interested in sewing. In the interest of saving time here are some of the sewing tips and tricks I have used in this season of the craft. Continue reading “Halloween: Sewing Tips and Tricks”

Halloween: Accessories Tips and Tricks

Tips for making your Halloween accessories

I have had my share of costumes and now with kids even more costumes are “needed” every year. Truth be told some have been store bought but most were me made. In my many years as a do it yourself type gal I have tried out many tools and mediums to create our costumes. Here are my tips and tricks for your halloween accessories:

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Mario World Viewridge Tank

I was lucky to pattern test the Viewridge tank by Straight Stitch Design and made myself two, one with the ruffle option here and reverse bobbin work detail and another tunic like with no ruffle. I really liked how easy they came together and the way the front is assembled left much room for variation.

We are a bunch of goofballs, caught her in the hallway wearing her Viewridge tank in Mario World fabric.

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