It’s not a UFO, I was just waiting on the buttons.

when your sewing project has to be put down for a little while.

Have you ever “failed” at a sewing project? Sometimes your project comes together all at once. You find a pattern then the perfect fabric (not your muslin but final garment fabric) then notions are easily procured. Sometimes it’s user error, sometimes its poor pattern fitting, this time it was a notions fail.

I’m still not sure how to “Summer” style this top but it’s going to be great in the winter

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The Viewridge and Cleo outfit

a cautionary tale

We all make mistakes, in sewing it can be hard to handle. Perhaps it’s because you have to destroy what you’ve just created. Here is how this outfit started out great but took some perseverance to get finished.

CleoskirtViewridgetopBlogThe event: a birthday party in a suite at the racetrack, with highs in the 80’s or 90’s I can’t remember (I ended up sick with a fever and didn’t get to wear it, whawha). Our going out usually consists of jeans and a nice shirt so this required a bit of a dressier outfit but also something that wouldn’t be too hot in this So Cal heat. I immediately knew what I wanted to make.

I had tested both patterns the View Ridge by Straight Stitch Designs and Cleo Skirt by Made by Rae, for these designers and shopped for fabrics with these specific patterns in mind. I knew what I wanted to use on them before I even paid for them so it seemed like a win before I even began. Oh how pride goes before a fall.

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My top ten sewing notions

Sewing notions can be a bit personal, some have tried and true (TNT) brands they stick by like Clover, Bohn and Dritz. Your favorite brand of notions may not be mine but I always love hearing about new tools and gadgets so feel free to share in the comments.


I like xyz company and my well respected peer likes abc. Neither are wrong and everyone’s milage may vary. Here are some of the items that I use for almost every project:

  1. Thread snips by Gingher (any brand will do and truth be told these are a bit heavy)
  2. Metal seam gauge (I like metal because I can press very close to it without melting it)
  3. Magnetic pin holder (mine needs replacing after too many sky diving trips)
  4. Pattern weights small and LARGE (I made these book ends filled with rice but they get more use as pattern weights now that my book case is filled)
  5. Tape measure (retractable is fine but you need something flexible to circle your entire body)
  6. Clover’s erasable pen (blue, purple or pink this thing is so much better than the dressmakers pencil or pens I have found in the big box store’s notions)
  7. Glass head pins (you can press on them without melting!)
  8. Super clips or Wonder clips or whatever they are called when you can’t pin the substrate (like leather or vinyl) these are handy.
  9. Blue painter’s tape, I use it to mark what pieces are where or in bra making what is up, down, right or left. Mostly keeps me from making two of the same cups or pant legs, mostly.
  10. Seam ripper, it happens to all of us beginner to advanced. I like the blade one’s but either type will do.

What do you find useful while sewing?

Shorts with a full belly adjustment

How I adjusted a pattern for my full belly and made them hang better. I also trouble shoot and stash bust thru my fabrics and notions.

I have a few pairs of the Colette patterns Iris Shorts and I kept making them because I  altered the pattern for a full tummy making them comfortable and a quick sew. I will say that the front pocket placement isn’t the most flattering for anyone with a bit of a full Continue reading “Shorts with a full belly adjustment”