About Me

Hi there! My name is Lauren and I am a lover of all the colors and patterns fiber can hold. Sewing is my therapy, and something I keep being drawn to like a moth to a flame. It started as a kid drawing bathing suit designs, then fashion shows with the neighbor kids. It continued through college where I borrowed my roommate’s sewing machine and worked at a fabric store when I wasn’t studying to be an Arts Educator. I designed jewelry, handbags and even a custom clothing line with the amazing drag queen Detox.

As I got older and fell into my “real job” as an art teacher in the public schools, my sewing became a weekend or special project thing, inherit a rattan sofa=must sew custom covers, need an outfit for the company holiday party=whip up a lace poncho. Sewing always had a place in my home, sometimes a whole room, but I didn’t realize how important it was to my mental health for some time. Even when I started a small batch bath and beauty company I still had to find time to sew, and that was when we had our first child.

I have had many creative jobs and experiences, and I plan to continue to add to my creative resume.

I’ve made costumes for myself, my kids, bras, custom one offs for others and most of my wardrobe. I hope to one day design and publish a few patterns for kids and teens in pdf form that are quick and easy to customize. I love to sew so much my home is often a mess and my oldest kid has to make us dinner. You’ll have to stick around to see how accurate that is and what I make next.

You can find my behind the scenes, on Instagram and in person at local venues teaching sewing to everyone.


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