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It’s been a rough week for me and I fell behind in getting things photographed. I kinda too went on a tech break and created more. So I apologize for the phone photos, I will do better next week.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Degas

I have hacked at the garden, feverishly followed the sewing muse into the night and sewn for comfort. This is how it’s always been for me during times of change. And I hope we are at a gateway to greater things, but the unknown is the cousin of fear and the back seat in my brain is filling up.

So here is some of the beauty or function that helped me move forward:

  • The EasyT class and pattern, I have made two and LOVE them. I plan to make some for the girls because drafting to body measurements rock.
  • Orange ribbon (it’s my favorite color) for a upcoming surprise project using recycled or up cycled clothing.
  • Restarting my indigo vat, it’s a bit lighter but I think it will do what I want for another future project. I get my supplies from Dharma Trading and the reduced indigo is by Jacquard dyes.
    My first EasyT in a shifty poly crepe I bought by the pound in DTLA.

    Love and Light, As above Sew below. ~ Lauren D

My Wardrobe: Harrison Shirt

I know as a plus sized person most of my options in button down shirts are going to have issues. If the sleeves fit my biceps then the buttons gape in the front, or if both those problem areas are ok the sleeves, shoulder seams and hem are too long. For the longest time I just gave up and didn’t button a shirt past my bust and wore tank tops under them. Not any more!! The Harrison Shirt designed by Cashmerette was created with curvy women in mind, the amount of subtle seam line curves that hug the body and use give just the right amount of ease.  Continue reading “My Wardrobe: Harrison Shirt”

How to start indigo dying

I have been in love with dyeing fabrics for as long as I can remember. My first was very rustic and really cool. It was with Girl Scouts at one of our local campsites, we built a fire and tied up our tee shirts and dyed in a good old Rit hot water bath method. I don’t have a crystal clear memory of that day but the outdoors and fire stuck with me.

silkscarfdyedwithindigo Silk scarves from Dharma Trading get the first dip in the vat (dipped this three times). Continue reading “How to start indigo dying”

Logo and branding: RitualBath

Logo and branding: RitualBath

Bath and beauty company with products that are spiritualy designed to bring rituals to your everyday routines. Logo was designed to give a wax seal or stamp feel.