The Washi Dress with lining

Well we are back at the daily routine but I’m not up and running for another #fititfriday so here is a video I created for lining the Washi Dress sewing pattern from Made By Rae. I finished it back in October but never got around to blogging it. I did a full bust adjustment on the bodice and had to line it due to the transparent nature of the cotton lawn I made it in.

Before the hemming and feeling very Twin Peaksesq

Making a bra pattern

Bra rub off can sound dirty, it’s when you make a sewing pattern off an already constructed piece of clothing. I haven’t tried to do this with currently wearable bras, but I hear it is totally doable. This is about is about when good underwires go bad. As a skilled seamstress I know working on a pattern could take anywhere from three to five makes to get the fit right. With a RTW one that already fit well I knew that number could be reduced.

Bra cup closeup

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Craftcation 2018

The long overdue love letter, postponed due to moving but it’s all good.

I don’t know about everyone’s experience with sewing or crafting functional items with their hands but for me it’s a form of therapy and helps me process difficult topics like body image or life changes. It has also on occasion brought our family some income, which can also be a tricky thing, to tie in something that brings you joy with something that creates income. But I think I’m loosing my train of thought.

If you’ve never heard of Craftcation, it is the most exciting, joy making and functional marriage of crafting and business world, ever.

The crafty and ever kitschy Jennifer Perkins

I began hearing about the weekend of making while still a bath and body maker but pregnant with my second child, I later closed my shop and chose to focus on my first love sewing. I kept up with the yearly retreat and added it to the “one day” file. Fast forward to now (where I sew for my family and others, test patterns and make a general mess in our guest room) I heard from a friend that they were going to be teaching at Craftcation18. What a great time to make it happen! A few emails later and was able to join in the fabric fun with Kimberly of Straight Stitch Designs and two other new to me sewing friends. Our first stop was fabric shopping in DTLA with Katie of Threadbare Fabrics and then a quick stop at LAX to pick up Melissa of A Happy Stitch and we off like a herd of turtles in LA traffic to Ventura for CRAFTCATION!

This was my first conference in quite some time and I wasn’t sure how or what to do, but the organizers and volunteers thought of everything.

Upon registration your welcome package has not only amazing goodies from very generous sponsors but a thorough booklet covering all the classes, locations, off site experiences and teacher bios. If that wasn’t enough there was a New attendee and Introvert meet up in the lobby, where I am told many friendships were forged as well as first time jitters soothed. I had a long exciting afternoon and decided to forgo the mixer and get to bed early (after a quick trip to the pier for fish and chips and the market for hotel refreshments). The next morning bright and early I was ready to jump in.

Making mobiles at Craftcation 18

You know that instant “I like you” that happens when you see someone who is just as excited, maybe even as nervous as you are? That was what it was like going to Erin Wilder’s class. In her class we built polymer clay moon phase mobiles, she taught us a marbling technique, oh and then we had a 5.0 something earthquake.

You know, to UP the excitement!

While my creations were baking away in one of many toaster ovens I was able to venture out into the sponsor area where I won a great set of markers from Darice, wanted everything in the maker shop and borrowed an Instamix camera to take some quick photos. I learned new weaving techniques with another LA local Nicole Kent and had a blast trying them out and talking Airstreams and tiny houses with Angie of Bobo Design Studio. Made new friends Carmen of RealeGirlDesigns and Lori of Olive and Bo to go to the key note dinner with. Fan girl’d a bit while introducing myself to two of my crafty icons Jennifer Perkins and Vickie Howell and Biz hero Lela Barker. Then we all listened to our key note speech from the editor of BUST and Crafty author Debbie Stoller.

Sample of stitches

That was only day one! There were printing classes I cannot wait to try out again on my own, more lunches and dinners at great spots around Ventura CA. I FINALLY learned how to make a french knot with ease thanks to Robert Mahar’s class and have a super cute commemorative cat (in my favorite color no less!). I went to a few business classes but my main goal was to recharge my creative batteries at this conference. I recharged for sure but feel like there was some cosmic realignment going on as well, Laurie Wagner’s Wild Writing class broke me open in a way I was not prepared for but sorely needed (seriously she held space for us that had many of us in tears we didn’t know we needed to shed). Everyone is like you in some way and it makes it much easier to break out of your comfort bubble and say “Hi”. There were so many resources, like the one on one office hours with business coaches and crafty icons to classes that I wanted to experience but since I cannot be in two places at once I will just have to make it to next years offerings.

There was a Iron Craft like Iron Chef, It was fabulous! Here is Amy Tangerine’s video of Craftcation and IC at 22min mark

It is more than just a conference, it has built into the experience time for reflection, camaraderie, learning, and making. It’s like summer camp and business conference in one. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you, to the organizers Nichole and Delilah of Dear Handmade Life the Patchwork shows and so much more, and to all the volunteers, teachers, presenters and vendors ya’ll truly rocked the maker vibe and helped create a great experience.

Sewing Beauty around the web

It’s been a rough week for me and I fell behind in getting things photographed. I kinda too went on a tech break and created more. So I apologize for the phone photos, I will do better next week.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Degas

I have hacked at the garden, feverishly followed the sewing muse into the night and sewn for comfort. This is how it’s always been for me during times of change. And I hope we are at a gateway to greater things, but the unknown is the cousin of fear and the back seat in my brain is filling up.

So here is some of the beauty or function that helped me move forward:

  • The EasyT class and pattern, I have made two and LOVE them. I plan to make some for the girls because drafting to body measurements rock.
  • Orange ribbon (it’s my favorite color) for a upcoming surprise project using recycled or up cycled clothing.
  • Restarting my indigo vat, it’s a bit lighter but I think it will do what I want for another future project. I get my supplies from Dharma Trading and the reduced indigo is by Jacquard dyes.

    My first EasyT in a shifty poly crepe I bought by the pound in DTLA.

    Love and Light, As above Sew below. ~ Lauren D

My Wardrobe: Harrison Shirt

I know as a plus sized person most of my options in button down shirts are going to have issues. If the sleeves fit my biceps then the buttons gape in the front, or if both those problem areas are ok the sleeves, shoulder seams and hem are too long. For the longest time I just gave up and didn’t button a shirt past my bust and wore tank tops under them. Not any more!! The Harrison Shirt designed by Cashmerette was created with curvy women in mind, the amount of subtle seam line curves that hug the body and use give just the right amount of ease.  Continue reading “My Wardrobe: Harrison Shirt”

How to start indigo dying

How I set up my indigo dye vat with images and videos

I have been in love with dyeing fabrics for as long as I can remember. My first was very rustic and really cool. It was with Girl Scouts at one of our local campsites, we built a fire and tied up our tee shirts and dyed in a good old Rit hot water bath method. I don’t have a crystal clear memory of that day but the outdoors and fire stuck with me.

silkscarfdyedwithindigo Silk scarves from Dharma Trading get the first dip in the vat (dipped this three times). Continue reading “How to start indigo dying”

Making Bras, how I learned to be more precise

My beginning experience of making my own bras with PDF and paper patterns by independent designers.

So a while back the Watson bra and panty pattern came out. Or as I should call it my gate way drug into lingerie sewing. Since then it’s been:

“oh stretch lace!” “I need gold rings and sliders” or “I should really buy this five yards of sheer tricot in tan, I can use it lining laces”.

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View Ridge tank

Pattern testing a cute tank top in woven cotton by Straight Stitch Design

I have had the pleasure again of being a pattern tester for Straight Stitch Designs and worked on a size 20 of the upcoming View Ridge top. A cute tank with (optional) ruffles, yolk and shoulder details and a key hole in the back. 

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The mom uniform, or stylish and sane

What I wear to keep stylish but sane on the early morning get up and get going.

Ah the mom uniform. I remember when I first noticed my own mother’s like of polo shirts and capri jeans, we all have something similar. Jeans and tee, athletic leggings and top. I am not calling attention to bash the mom uniform, hardly, I love the simplicity of it. I like Continue reading “The mom uniform, or stylish and sane”