Tee Shirt Design: As Above Sew Below

I don’t know if many of you know this but I began my professional career in the graphic arts. Ruby lift and waxers were on the way out and Adobe and Quark were my first forays into creating art and solving design problems on screen. I still love it and decided to marry my two loves visual arts and sewing to create a graphic art work that could be printed on tee shirts and similar items because I am trying to also craft a business.


I started this because I want to buy more sewing machines and the proper business accoutrements to get back to teach sewing classes. Drafting patterns takes some time and while I have a few accessory patterns drafted I haven’t digitized them yet. Like digital patterns and online content these things take time and effort, this design was dropped into my subconcious by my sewing muse and I offer it up to everyone. Putting this out into the world is one tiny step towards that goal of making sewing related arts my profession as well as my meditation.

My art work “As Above Sew Below”


“‘Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below.” – Isaac Newton

“Whatever is below is similar to that which is above.” translation from the Emerald Tablet

“The builders of Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple in Cambodia, strove to outline the form of the universe on earth. The outer moat of Angkor Wat symbolizes the primordial oceans, the inner court is the earth, and the temple precinct represents the heavens. The idea behind presenting the unity of cosmoses visually was to enable pilgrims who visited the temple to experience its truth internally. “As above so below and as within so without”; he or she who explored the temple grounds could meaningfully contemplate this philosophical truth from within its physical manifestation.” Ark in Time

Sewing Beauty around the web

It’s been a rough week for me and I fell behind in getting things photographed. I kinda too went on a tech break and created more. So I apologize for the phone photos, I will do better next week.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Degas

I have hacked at the garden, feverishly followed the sewing muse into the night and sewn for comfort. This is how it’s always been for me during times of change. And I hope we are at a gateway to greater things, but the unknown is the cousin of fear and the back seat in my brain is filling up.

So here is some of the beauty or function that helped me move forward:

  • The EasyT class and pattern, I have made two and LOVE them. I plan to make some for the girls because drafting to body measurements rock.
  • Orange ribbon (it’s my favorite color) for a upcoming surprise project using recycled or up cycled clothing.
  • Restarting my indigo vat, it’s a bit lighter but I think it will do what I want for another future project. I get my supplies from Dharma Trading and the reduced indigo is by Jacquard dyes.
    My first EasyT in a shifty poly crepe I bought by the pound in DTLA.

    Love and Light, As above Sew below. ~ Lauren D

My top ten sewing notions

Sewing notions can be a bit personal, some have tried and true (TNT) brands they stick by like Clover, Bohn and Dritz. Your favorite brand of notions may not be mine but I always love hearing about new tools and gadgets so feel free to share in the comments.


I like xyz company and my well respected peer likes abc. Neither are wrong and everyone’s milage may vary. Here are some of the items that I use for almost every project:

  1. Thread snips by Gingher (any brand will do and truth be told these are a bit heavy)
  2. Metal seam gauge (I like metal because I can press very close to it without melting it)
  3. Magnetic pin holder (mine needs replacing after too many sky diving trips)
  4. Pattern weights small and LARGE (I made these book ends filled with rice but they get more use as pattern weights now that my book case is filled)
  5. Tape measure (retractable is fine but you need something flexible to circle your entire body)
  6. Clover’s erasable pen (blue, purple or pink this thing is so much better than the dressmakers pencil or pens I have found in the big box store’s notions)
  7. Glass head pins (you can press on them without melting!)
  8. Super clips or Wonder clips or whatever they are called when you can’t pin the substrate (like leather or vinyl) these are handy.
  9. Blue painter’s tape, I use it to mark what pieces are where or in bra making what is up, down, right or left. Mostly keeps me from making two of the same cups or pant legs, mostly.
  10. Seam ripper, it happens to all of us beginner to advanced. I like the blade one’s but either type will do.

What do you find useful while sewing?