Embellishment & Mending: Sashiko Stitching

Sashiko or little stabs are a Japanese technique of mending clothing or reinforcing areas of high wear. Usually it was white or natural cotton thread onto indigo dyed garments so the contrast as well as the rhythmic dashes create a functional and aesthetically pleasing focal point. Whether or not it was intended to be. Quilters have used this type of stitching as well to quilt together the fabrics or create interest.  Continue reading “Embellishment & Mending: Sashiko Stitching”

My Wardrobe: Harrison Shirt

I know as a plus sized person most of my options in button down shirts are going to have issues. If the sleeves fit my biceps then the buttons gape in the front, or if both those problem areas are ok the sleeves, shoulder seams and hem are too long. For the longest time I just gave up and didn’t button a shirt past my bust and wore tank tops under them. Not any more!! The Harrison Shirt designed by Cashmerette was created with curvy women in mind, the amount of subtle seam line curves that hug the body and use give just the right amount of ease.  Continue reading “My Wardrobe: Harrison Shirt”