How to start indigo dying

How I set up my indigo dye vat with images and videos

I have been in love with dyeing fabrics for as long as I can remember. My first was very rustic and really cool. It was with Girl Scouts at one of our local campsites, we built a fire and tied up our tee shirts and dyed in a good old Rit hot water bath method. I don’t have a crystal clear memory of that day but the outdoors and fire stuck with me.

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Mario World Viewridge Tank

I was lucky to pattern test the Viewridge tank by Straight Stitch Design and made myself two, one with the ruffle option here and reverse bobbin work detail and another tunic like with no ruffle. I really liked how easy they came together and the way the front is assembled left much room for variation.

We are a bunch of goofballs, caught her in the hallway wearing her Viewridge tank in Mario World fabric.

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Reverse bobbin work

My experience and some instruction on using reverse bobbin work on garment embelishment.

There are many ways that my mom’s quilting experience crosses over into my garment sewing. She’s found many great treasures that she collects and ships to me in sewing and Grandma love filled care packages. One of these was my bright shiny bobbin case that I call iron man. It’s what I use on almost every project, so the bobbin case that came with my machine was getting no love. Till I saw what someone did called reverse bobbin work.

My two bobbin cases, the one on the right I use for every day thread, the one on the left I have adjusted that small screw on the side so thick thread/floss can glide thru.

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