Selfish Sewing Week: Underwear

My first selfishsewingweek item some me made underwear.

So we have started the #selfishsewingweek hosted by Imagine Gnats check out her shop for some great deals this week and drool worthy fabric. Back when all I had access to for pdf patterns (instant gratification) was I found and printed up a pair of these Cheeky Panties. I have to admit that I didn’t follow the directions to a T on this pair, but I have a whole roll of this eyelet elastic to get through before the recovery goes (garage sale bargain is only good if the elastic has good recovery/snaps back into place.) So here they are with an elastic waistband instead of the fold over fabric.



I have made them a few times and with varying success mostly due to raw materials. The first was with an old tee shirt (not enough spandex in jersey tees) and the last was this printed poly/spandex from JoAnn’s. They are very comfortable but being that they are “cheeky” the do have VPL (visible pantie line). They are so comfortable that I almost forgive them for taking up so much fabric. The pattern layout is such that you only have one seam **ahem** down the bum.


The second pair I self drafted from a RTW pair that I felt fit well. I also tried on this pair to insert the elastic after all the seams were sewn together, something I didn’t do on the Cheeky pair. I prefer the way the elastics joined in the second pair, I kept having too much bulk in the cheeky pair when seaming them (though if I remember they are instructed to insert elastics at the same point too, I just wanted to compare and contrast with like materials to find my preference).


So I am off to the races on the #SelfishSewingWeek I mean how much more for me only could I get (giggle) no one is going to borrow these. Next up Luna Pants by Made by Rae who is also having a sew along for them. I just happened to have the Art Gallery Denim Collection ready and waiting (I was going to make a Cheyenne Tunic out of it but with summer coming up I think I will wait till I have a voile or lawn to use).