The Morris Blazer Sewing Pattern and Full Bust adjustments

Sewing up the Morris Blazer by Grainline Studio with a full bust adjustment.

I am a big fan of fun ((cheesey)) SyFy shows, and in one of my favorites, Lost Girl the lovely Dr. Lauren (lovely name don’t ya think?) was an inspiration in fashion. So while on a birthday shopping excursion to check out the one near by independent fabric store I found what I was looking for, a stretch laminate pleather like black material and a medium/heavy weight Ponte knit. After test washing a swatch of each I went pattern shopping.

sewing and swing
Morris Blazer by Grainline Studio sewn by Laurendurrdesign

In the show Dr. L wears a cardigan which is more of a drape collar like the Laurelhurst pattern by Straight Stitch Designs and while I love the pattern and it is on the list to sew I had a wardrobe gap that needed filling. A basic blazer.

I have seen a number of Morris Blazers by Grainline Studio on the blogs and I was extra excited for no lining. I chose the PDF version because I couldn’t wait and got to taping. I added a full bust adjustment and some extra in the sleeves (which I didn’t ease in well) it was so easy to sew together. The instructions we very clear and I didn’t have any of my usual head scratching or backwards sleeves, which is totally because I want to get to the end faster. I also had to get it done so I could play with my new serger which I love, it’s hard to sew with kids running around.

I would love to do another one, maybe a cream or white stretch linen or a fun print.

Happy Sticking!